Modern Business Plans That Get Financed – Guaranteed!

10 Day Turnaround

In as little as 10 days, our team can take your business idea and turn into a beautiful business strategy document that inspires and educates the reader. Your plan also ‘proves’ your concept and acts as your roadmap to success.

Our Guarantees

Each and every plan we have created gets financed so we know we can guarantee that you will get funded too. We also offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are not happy after the first draft, we will refund you – but we know you will love it.

Payment Options

You can choose to pay up-front and save $200 or you can have us invoice you in installments and as we finish key sections of your plan. We leave it up to you and in this way, we both win.

3 Unique Business Plans For All Funding Options

  • Bank Ready Plan

  • $1599
  • Ideal for: Applications for SBL, SBA, Personal Loan or Line of Credit
  • Designed for: Small Businesses
  • Turnaround time: 5-7 days
  • Investor Plan

  • $1999
  • Ideal for: Applications for financing with VCs, Angels, Private Lenders and or multiple lending institutions
  • Designed for: Small to medium-sized enterprises
  • Turnaround time: 8-10 days
  • Power Plan

  • $2499
  • Ideal for: Applications for potential investors, stakeholders and mult-round seed funding
  • Designed for: Emerging Businesses
  • Turnaround time: 8-12 days

The Process


The first step in our process is arguably the most important. We will hold a 30-60 minute ‘discovery’ phone call with you. During this meeting, it is our job to clearly understand your business model so that we can prepare a comprehensive and pinpoint accurate financial forecast. We will also use this time to challenge your assumptions, propose new ideas and answer questions.

Financial Forecast

Next, we construct you a custom financial forecast. This is the most important component in any business plan and the piece that most people struggle with. Fortunately, we are experts at financial forecasting. In fact, our forecasts make up almost 1/2 of our business plans as readers want to see ‘numbers’ and not words. Your forecast will be concise, precise and investors will love it.


Only after your forecast is complete and reviewed will we begin to write your plan. During this stage, we will introduce your business concept, identify the market it will serve, zero in on your ideal customer and highlight the strengths of your team. We also show the income potential of your business and lure investors to you with a methodically crafted pitch.

Review and Formatting

Once your written plan is complete, we will go over every detail to prepare you to ‘defend’ your plan. Even though we do a lot of the writing, we take the time to coach you on its intricacies so you know it inside out. After all, this is  your plan and sometimes you only get one chance with a lender. Once the review is complete we can format your plan to make it look polished and enticing.


What Our Clients Say

Bank Loan Approved

We appreciate everything you did for us and we’re pretty excited! The plan looks great and our meeting with the bank went very well. Our loan was approved and we are going to go ahead with our business very soon. Thank you again and we’ll talk soon.

Stephanie M

Investors on Board

“Significantly with your help, and especially with your business plan, somebody decided that they believe in us, and now we will be proceeding with our expansion plans. I wanted to extend you a personal thank you and tell you that we appreciate all your efforts and your patience with us.”


Business Insights

Paul, thanks for helping us to figure out our break evens and to forecast our expenses over the next year. Seeing all the numbers on paper really helps to clarify what needs to be done moving forward.

iRace Auto Sports